Sniffin' Glue
Sniffin' Glue Sniffin' Glue

And other Rock 'N' Roll Habits for Punks! Vols. 1-12 plus two supplements and flexi-disc.

London: Mark Perry. 1976-1977.

First Editions. Quartos. Mimeograph stapled zines. A complete set of the most influential punk zine of its time, edited and published by Mark Perry, co-founded by Danny Baker. The flexi-disc included with vol. 12 is present, as are the two, very rare, supplements, 'The 100 Club Issue' and 'Sniffin' Snow'.

Originally conceived after Perry read an article which slammed his favourite band, The Ramones, for all the reasons he felt made them great. The fanzine was thus created to redress the balance in music journalism, and its name derived from the famous Ramones song "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue."
The first issue was published July 13, 1976 with a print run of 50. It featured a hand-drawn/written cover.
In the zine history books, Sniffin' Glue will go down as the first pioneering punk zine that launched a thousand other zines, as well as firmly cementing zine publishing as part of the DIY punk ethic. Within the space of three issues Perry had connected the dots within the British Punk underground, and Sniffin' Glue became the mouthpiece for a generation raised on The Sex Pistols and disaffection.
Light use and wear throughout, but all in all a remarkably well-preserved set held in a custom morocco slipcase.

plus flexi single

#1. July, 1976
#2. August, 1976
#3. September, 1976
# 3 and a half, '100 Club Special' 28 sept 1976
#4. October, 1976
#5. December, 1976 +
# 'Sniffin Snow' December 1976 Xmas supplement
#6. January, 1977
#7. February, 1977
#8. March, 1977
#9. April/May, 1977
#10. June, 1977
#11. July, 1977
#12. August/September, 1977
flexi-disc: ATV "Love Lies Limp".